Dear Hubby Returns…

I’m sick.

I never get sick.

But, when I do get sick I get SICK. So, in honor of the one who has to deal with me and take over everything while I focus on getting better for our upcoming birthdays (we are two days apart), I’m re-running the original guest post written by the Dear Hubby…


So, I mentioned earlier that my wonderful husband agreed to a Guest Host, and it just so happens to be the 50th post of this blog!!!

But, even though he’s the most supportive husband in the entire world, please keep in mind when he sent it to me, he put “Blog Crap” as the subject of the email.

Without further ado, here is the Dear Hubby’s take on some things…

As the Hubby of an Writer,

1.) I think I still have a wife; I used to talk to her after the kids went to bed.

2.) I used to have some time to myself on the weekends.

3.) I used to talk about other things with her besides “how many words I did today”.

4.) I used to think, “Aw that’s cute honey, you’re writing a book”.

5.) I used to see her away from the computer.

6.) I used to NOT have to help her make her main guy character sound too wimpy.

7.) I used to not brag to my friends that my wife is writing a book (okay, that is cool).

8.) I used to think she won’t really take this somewhere. (Silly me)

9.) I used to have to watch other channels on TV besides NFL Network. (Go Vikings!)

10.) I used to think I worked hard at my job.

 My dream is when her dreams come true!

 The Hubby


5 thoughts on “Dear Hubby Returns…

  1. Christy, I hope you feel better and get over SICK so you can enjoy your birthdays 🙂

    Hubby, you are one in a million and that’s no “crap” … you are the rock to stand on and the place to be when things get tough. I see your love and hear your frustration. We writers are many things, but mostly we are obsessed, driven and are very grateful if those we love, love us enough to put up with us.

    Great post 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better by now. Being sick is absolutely no fun. The flu is going around here. Writing is something I have to do regularly. It’s been going well lately. And, dear Christi, last week was the first week I posted to my blog on Wednesday and posted a challenge on Friday. I think it will continue to go well when it becomes habitual.

    You seem to have a great husband. Tell him happy birthday. And, to you as well.

  3. Ramblings,

    I’m doing a little better today. At least my face isn’t permanently attached to a box of tissues anymore 🙂

    Dear Hubby really is a great support system and I’m very grateful that he understands, and supports, my love of writing.


  4. Winona,

    Thanks for the kind words. I missed going to your blog yesterday to check out the new posts, but now that I’m feeling a bit better I’m going to make a visit.


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