Two Hilarious Links for Writers

Sometimes writers need funny their funny fix!

First funny…

Writers are inundated with fancy lingo. Query, synopsis, and show don’t tell are a few examples.

Click here to check out Kristen’s fantastic blog, A Rock in My Pocket, and a collection of HILARIOUS writing terms I’m sure we’re all familiar with!

Don’t worry, I’ve already added my good friend/worst enemy “Captain Obvious” to the list

And now to the second writing funny…

How do you REALLY feel about agents, the query process, and publishing in general? A bit negative at times perhaps?

Click here to check out The Big Litowski, a blog that hilarously, and often using colorful language, voices your worst thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Two Hilarious Links for Writers

  1. Thanks for the “funny” break. I needed one badly today. The dreaded query, the pain in the rear, the should I do this a few hundred more times before giving in to the obvious truth that I will never, never, never be pubilshed unless I do it at Kinko’s ???

    Thanks for the latest funny links 🙂
    Now, don’t just sit there … send that query out !

  2. Florence,

    I had you in mind when I put these up. I know you always appreciate a good funny 🙂

    Kinkos, shminkos…keep trying!


  3. First one was my favorite 🙂 Having never attempted to send one of my novels to anyone (I’m still in the red-face novel stage, even after three or four attempts), I probably can’t relate on the highest levels, but I know enough for it to be funny. Awesome!

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