Tomorrow Never Comes

It’s been a busy weekend and I’ve run out of time for a blog post. So, I’m going to put up a poem from one of the books I saved from the shredder.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow comes–then it’s today—

so if you have a debt to pay—

or work to finish; don’t delay,

Tomorrow never comes.


It’s fatal to procrastinate–

until you find it’s just too late–

and then to put the blame on Fate,

Tomorrow never comes.


The putting right of some mistake–

the gesture that you meant to make–

the habit that you vowed to break,

Tomorrow never comes.


So do it now–for Fate can play–

some funny tricks; Time slips away;

we cannot see beyond Today,

Tomorrow never comes!


by Patience Strong




4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Florence,

    This is just one gem of many in one book I saved. I can’t believe someone didn’t appreciate these books, and I’m so glad I can share the contents with people who do!


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