Today I Did the Impossible

My twins’ school is having a week-long, school wide reading awareness week. (On a related note, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!)

Today I volunteered to be a guest reader in my twins’ kindergarten class. And while I have little fear of public speaking, the thought of twenty-two little faces staring at me, slack-jawed with boredom made me more than a little nervous.

I started off with There’s a Monster at the End of This Book and brought it home with Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I also oversold the awesomeness of every single sentence, had the kids helping me turn pages, and in general acted like reading was the funnest thing ever invented.

And I rocked!

Why do I know I rocked?

Because fifteen kids GAVE UP THEIR RECESS to hear me read the Monster book again. (I’m overlooking the fact my daughter wasn’t one of them)

This is the perfect example of the power of words.

Write on my friends. Write on.


8 thoughts on “Today I Did the Impossible

  1. And those same fifteen kids will grow up with the same appreciation of words. Awesome job! I’m sure it excites them that others take an interest in books, too.

    Acted? Reading IS the funnest thing ever invented! (Okay, maybe second to Legend of Zelda.)

    • Aloha,

      After I read it through the second time they asked me to read it a third time! I was thrilled to hear their excitement. Sadly, recess was over and they had to get back to work.

      Here’s a funny sidenote…the superintendant of the school district came in and read later on, and neither of my kids could remember what he read. Like, couldn’t even remember the main subject of the book 🙂

      Pays to practice and act animated I guess.

      Thanks for your kind words,


  2. Reading to elementary school kids is fun. I’ve done that and the kids remember you long after that day. Three years from now, you’ll bump into one of those kids in the hallway and they’ll remind you that, “Hey, you read that monster story to our class in grade __.”

    Great post. I encourage all writers to step into a classroom for the experience.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Diane,

      What a great idea to encourage other writers! I know I was thrilled yesterday when they enjoyed my selection.

      And tomorrow is a special “read in” where parents/grandparents can come and read to small groups of kids. I was the only volunteer for yesterday so I’m hoping to see more involvement from others tomorrow. But, just in case, I’ve got another great selection of books ready to go.


  3. Lindsey,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I found the Monster book at a yard sale last year and it’s been on our “favorites” shelf ever since.


  4. To all commentors…

    I came back on Friday to read one last time (the end of the week “wrap up”) and they were disappointed I didn’t bring the Monster book to read again.

    Such fun!


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