Saved from the Shredder

Here’s an excerpt from one of the books I saved from the shredder

What is Success?

It’s doing your job the best you can,

And being just to your fellow man;

Not making money, but holding friends,

And staying true to your aims and ends.


It’s figuring how and learning why,

And looking forward and thinking high,

And dreaming little and doing much;

It’s keeping always in closest touch

With what is finest in word and deed;

It’s daring blithely the field of chance

While making of labor a brave romance.


It’s going onward despite defeat

And fighting staunchly, but keeping sweet,

It’s being clean and it’s playing fair,

It’s looking up at the stars above,

And drinking deeply of life and love.


It’s struggling on with the will to win,

But taking loss with a cheerful grin.

It’s sharing sorrow and work and mirth,

And making better this good old earth.


It’s serving, striving through strain and stress,

It’s doing your noblest–that’s Success.

Author Unknown


6 thoughts on “Saved from the Shredder

  1. A,
    Everything I’ve put up has been from only one of the books I rescued. There’s several more, each with great stuff! :). I wish I could show the illustrations.

    I cringe at the thought of such beauty getting destroyed because of someone’s ignorance of the value of books.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Mmm, not often you find a really good quality poem with an AABB structure–normally it’s reserved for juvenile elementary-style poetry. This is beautiful and it’s true.

    My only qualm is the line: “And dreaming little and doing much;”. I believe that dreaming can achieve just as much as doing, if you take your dreams seriously and work to achieve them. I suppose there has to be a balance. One could argue that writing, art, theater, even romance is dreaming–but there’s also action involved in those that “succeed”, by definition of the poem.

  3. Aloha,

    I like your point about taking your dreams seriously and work to achieve them. After all, if you don’t have a dream what would you strive to achieve?

    Your comment makes me think of a little paper clip on my desk that has this written on it…”Goals are dreams with deadlines”

    Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments!


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