Writing Quote Friday

Today’s quote comes from Dave Berry…

If you want to be a writer, find a couple of hours in the morning or evening, and do nothing but write. That’s plenty of time to be a productive writer. The biggest impediment for almost everybody is the fact that it’s harder than you think to just sit there and stare at the computer and pound something out. But finding the time is not the issue as much as finding the will to do it.

(This quote was taken from an interview of Dave Berry in Writer’s Digest, November 2003 issue.)

19 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

    • Diane,

      I remember reading about an author who types on a laptop, while standing in her kitchen. That way she doesn’t have to sit down so she can fidget her legs around, but is still writing. She’s YA author Kiersten White (check out her blog…super great stuff for writers!)


    • Florence,

      I usually just heap tons of guilt on myself for not writing or sticking to the daily schedule 😦

      But, I keep on going since every bit counts 😀


    • Karen,

      Thanks for stopping by. How’s the new office treating you? I hope you get time to put down the paintbrush soon 🙂


    • Trish,

      Thanks for visiting! Loved your post about getting your new “lair”. How’s it working for you? Did you shove heavy stuff in front of the door yet (since you dont’ have a lock)?


    • Monica,

      So glad to see you back here! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through Twitter (your picture of the sewing machine is lovely).


  1. Here here! Morning is my most productive time to write and also the most difficult time to stay off the Internet! One tip I read was to program MacFreedom THE NIGHT BEFORE to block networking for a few hours, so that when you wake up, you can’t access the Internet until you’ve done your writing.

  2. Meghan,

    The internet is a procrastinator’s dream! And wow did that become even more clear when I found Twitter, and EVEN MORE SO when I learned how to use Twitter 🙂

    Now I’ve gotten myself on a schedule for “networking” and try very hard to stick to it. Sometimes it works.

    Thanks for visiting,


  3. Thanks, Christi. I’m glad I found your blog. Not only is it great for inspiration, but it’s a friendly place, too! The sewing machine is an old treadle that belonged to my mother-in-law. We gave it away last fall, and I’m glad I took a shot before we parted with it.

  4. Monica,

    It’s a friendly bunch of writers that hang out on here, we are all very supportive of each other. Glad to have you!

    I loved the picture of the sewing machine because it reminded me of the one I will inherit from my dad’s side of the family. It sits down inside a wooden case and is absolutely beautiful to look at. Everytime I visit I want to open the lid and have yet another look-see 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by. Friday’s are popular on here because I always do quotes. In fact, if you have any favorite quotes for writers send them to me and I’ll post it and give credit back to you and put up a link to your blog/Twitter/etc…

    Contact me through the “Contact Christi” button on the top left sidebar.


  5. Thanks, Christi, for the warm welcome. Glad to find out we share an affinity for writing and vintage sewing machines!

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