Writer Unboxed

Lydia Sharp, blogger and writer extraordinaire, is guest hosting over at Writer Unboxed today.

Lydia’s post, The Seven R’s of Positivity for the Unpublished Novelist, is a must read.

Click on over and be sure to check out the third “R” on the list…(hint, it features ME!) 


16 thoughts on “Writer Unboxed

  1. Florence,

    You can definitely call it “our” since you’re here and supportive for each post! Be sure to leave a comment for Lydia, she’s great!


  2. Lydia,

    I skimmed through the comments and was overjoyed to see how many mentions of people making their own “I Don’t Suck” files. Thanks so much for the link.

    Your post was FANTASTIC and I’m spreading the word to every one of my writer friends, published or not!


  3. Margo,

    Thanks for checking out Lydia’s post! I’m thinking her list is going up on my wall over my desk.

    Also, congrats to you on your recent flash fiction win!


    • Regina,

      I agree this is a “must hang” list!

      Lydia is great and I highly recommend checking out her blog often. She’s got great posts several times a week.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope all is well with you,

  4. Monica,

    The idea of creating a “I Don’t Suck” file came to me when I kept hearing other writers complain about their rejection files. I figured why not have a file specifically for the times when you get good feedback?

    Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Late getting here but definitely worth the read. Loved the “Seven R’s”! I’ve had a “I don’t suck file” for a while. It’s keeps me on the right track and keeps negative far enough away. 🙂

  6. Karen,

    So glad you made it over here and checked out Lydia’s post too! How’s the house renovation going?


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