Tell How You Broke A Bone and Win a Book!

Writer and Blogger extraordinaire, Lydia Sharp, is hosting a fantastically fun contest over on her blog.

(Click here for contest rules and to enter)

Have you ever broken a bone? Seen anyone else break one?

Simply tell the story (extra points for adding humor) in 300ย words or less and you’ll be eligible to win Hannah Moskowitz’s debut novel, BREAK.

Contest ends in two days so hurry!


11 thoughts on “Tell How You Broke A Bone and Win a Book!

    • Florence,

      A broken little toe sounds painful! Is it true that toes can’t be put into casts and you just have to suck it up, tape the toe to the next one, and hope it heals well? I’ve heard that, but wasn’t sure.


  1. What if you’ve never broken a bone? I’d have to borrow someone else’s experience… maybe when my daughter was carrying her Lab puppy into a lake to teach it to swim (don’t ask… a water dog that hated water), stepped down into an unseen hole and fractured her ankle. I’ll head over to Lydia’s blog and see what others are saying. Sounds like a fun contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carol,

      You can use the story of seeing someone else break a bone…and yours sounds like a winner. Painful to watch too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Our dog hates water. We tried to coax him in countless times with treats, balls, kids, etc… all with no luck. He’ll chase other dogs into the water, but stops at his chest.


    • Monica,

      Lydia’s blog is a daily visiting requirement for writers :D. You’ll love how much information she shares.


  2. Florence,

    I checked out your entry and thought it was hilarious. Also, I’m wondering if you have any pictures of the rocking horse and if you would put it up on your blog. It sounds amazing.


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