Fun Caption Contest with Writing Prizes!!!!

Bring your wit and humor on Wednesday because that’s when the captioning contest begins!

How it Works

I’ll post two pictures on Wednesday, April 27th. Enter your caption in the comments section. You are allowed one caption per picture.


I’ve enlisted two judges and they are tough…my six-year-old twins! They have sole discretion in awarding the winners so you may want to gear your comments accordingly :D.


Two prize packages will be awarded, one winner per picture. The prize pack is geared toward writers and includes a pen, notebook, small flashlight (for when the inspiration hits in the middle of the night) and lots of other writing goodies.

Contest Length

Contest begins Wednesday, April 27th at 1:00am (PST) and ends Saturday, April 30th at 7:00am (PST). Winners will be announced Saturday (after the judges eat their breakfast and get their fill of morning cartoons).

Spread the Word

This is not a requirement, nor will it gain you extra sway with the judges (especially since they’re not allowed to use the computer without supervision :D), but I’d love if you could help spread the word about this fun contest!

And finally, speaking of spreading the word about contests…Florence Fois of the blog Ramblings from the Left is participating in a contest and needs your help! Click here for details…


6 thoughts on “Fun Caption Contest with Writing Prizes!!!!

    • Florence,

      I’m looking through a massive amount, trying to narrow down which would be the perfect two to post. I’m trying to pick ones that lead to ideas for captions, but they’re all just so cute 😀

      I’m rooting for you in the contest!


    • Monica,

      The judges are tough…you should see what’s going on right now with their stuffed Easter bunnies :D. I think one bunny is in the corner for being bad and the other is flying around the room in a cardboard box decorated like a plane.

      This should be fun!


  1. Hi, Christy!

    #1: Does this boat go any faster if we pump this handle?
    #2:We found him in the grocery store between the elephants and the grasshoppers!

    • Pat,

      I’m going to transfer your answers to the post with the pictures. Your comments got quite a few snickers from the judges by the way 😀


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