Caption Contest! Winners get Prizes!

The Captioning Contest is officially open! (Click here for full contest details)

Please, enter captions for BOTH photos in the comments section of this post.

Photo 1…Sink

Photo 2…Shopping

Don’t forget to check back on Saturday, April 30th to see if the judges selected your caption as the winner!


14 thoughts on “Caption Contest! Winners get Prizes!

  1. Photo 1: “Hey, I wanted to steer the submarine!” “No way! You got to steer the last time!”

    Ummm I’ll have to get back with a caption for photo 2…

  2. Ok, here goes:

    #1: “I SINK this is my favorite place to play!”

    #2 “Attention shoppers: put something PURRfect in your shopping carts today!”

  3. *I am transfering Pat Ocken’s captions over to this post (they were put on another by mistake)*

    Hi, Christy!

    #1: Does this boat go any faster if we pump this handle?
    #2:We found him in the grocery store between the elephants and the grasshoppers!

  4. Picture #1
    Baby Girl: Brother you better promise to do what I say or I’ll turn on the water!
    Baby Boy: Cross my heart!

    Picture #2
    I can’t believe we convinced daddy to buy us a kitty!

  5. hehehe – Great pictures

    Picture #1: Girl says to Boy – What do you mean you don’t want to do dishes?

    Picture #2: Both children in unison – The grocery store doesn’t sell food anymore.

    • Florence,

      I figured I’d wait on quote Friday so everyone could get their captions in. Check in tomorrow. I might have to do a play by play of them selecting the winner because you know it’ll be funny too!


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