And the Winners Are…

We have winners!

I’d LIKE to say that the judges (my six-year-old twins) took this very seriously. I’d LIKE to say that they thought each caption over at length, discussed in great detail the subtle nuances and deeper meaning of each entry, and then after serious thought CALMLY selected the winner.

Well, that’s how I envisioned the judging portion going in my mind.

But, they’re six. 

So here’s how it really went down…

The judges, fueled by waffles and far too many cartoons, were herded into the room at 7:00am (PST). Once they finally stopped jabbering about our upcoming trip to the grocery store and who got to push the cart this time because other one got to push last time and could we buy their favorite cereal and could the dog go with and why does brother get to sit closer to mommy and why does sister get to hold the cat, I explained my above method for how they should judge the contest. 

Blank stare from one and the other one made a run for it.

I quickly re-evaluated and we ended up settling for having me read each comment out loud, and them giving a “funny” or “not funny” response. Then, we would tally up the winners. Also, it should be noted that neither I, nor the Dear Hubby, influenced their decisions in any way. This was truly judged by them :D.

The sink picture winner was chosen quickly, and without hesitation, by the judges. In fact, they thought it was so funny they began dancing around the room while chanting it at the top of their lungs.

Congratulations to Pat Ocken!

“Does this boat go any faster if we pump this handle?”

The judging of the cat in shopping cart picture led to massive disagreements over what was “funny” and what wasn’t. I read all the comments and then ended up reading them all again. Some garnered giggles, others full on belly laughs, and in the end we have a tie and a runner-up…

Congratulations to Florence Fois and Monica Gudlewski!

“Attention shoppers: put something PURRfect in your shopping carts today!” (Monica’s entry)

“Do you believe my luck? I got a free shopping cart when I bought the kitty.” (Florence’s entry)

Runner-up goes to M. Howalt

*sigh* “Those huge, two-legged, furless kittens …”

And now we’re off to the store so the judges can pick some items for the winners. I believe Play-dough and a cat have been mentioned as prizes.

Congrats to the winners and thank you to all who entered. This has been great fun!


13 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

    • Jennifer,

      This contest was really fun to put together so I’m glad you enjoyed it! We had a great time judging and it was fun to see how my twins think.


  1. Thanks to our twin judges and congrats to mom and dad for not influencing their decisions. Loved the sink caption and kudos to Pat 🙂

    I am grateful to tie for the picture of the cat in the shopping cart with Monica and rave reviews for our runner-up M. Howalt.

    Thanks to the Corbett family for a creative contest. This was a fun break from our usual blog post stuff 🙂

    • Florence,

      It was really hard not to give our opinions, but in the end we were rewarded by a glimpse into their little personalities and watching them work together.

      Congrats to you!


  2. Congrats to the winners! I’m so sorry I never got back with a caption for the cat in the cart Chisti! Life just mowed me over and I got confused over what day it was (literally, I was like three days off numerically…) and didn’t realize until just now that I’d missed it!

    • A.,

      Your sink comment was second, but they just loved the first comment so much that it won. Dear Hubby and I liked yours best though 🙂


  3. Congratulations to Pat, Florence, M. Howalt and all the contestants. Thanks for orchestrating it all, Christi. And thanks to the super cool, awesome judges. What a fun contest!

    • Monica,

      The judges had a great time, and shared lots of giggles, during the judging portion of the contest. It was really fun to watch them decide.


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