Happy Mother’s Day!

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all!

I got breakfast in bed, awesome homemade stuff from the twins, and then Dear Hubby took them out of the house for the day so I could write.

And write I did!

Have you ever gotten to spend an entire day to yourself? How did you spend your time?


10 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I actually got to spend mother’s day almost all to myself, just by circumstance. I rarely get a day like that and normally I spend it maniacally writing/editing. This day, I dithered more than anything, wrote a little, read the rest of Clockwork Angel, and just lounged in the beautiful weather we’re having here.

    Happy Mother’s day to you Christi! So glad you had a great one! 😀

    • A.,

      I love that you got a whole day to yourself and chose to spend it doing little. Sometimes those days are just what’s needed to recharge the creative batteries 😀


  2. Good for you, Christi and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

    After doing the long distance talking on the phone thing with the kids and a couple of friends, my cousin and I and her two daughters spent the day together. It was quiet and peaceful.

    Those times to have a whole day alone are rare. Cherish them 🙂

    • Ramblings,

      So glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day. Your day sounds very relaxing and perfect.

      When the hubby and kids returned it sounded like two little tornadoes ripping through the house…and I loved it! I was more than ready to see everyone again 😀


  3. Sounds like a happy Mother’s Day!! Love the “two little tornadoes” image!

    I had a different kind of day – no writing at all. La dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing.

  4. Marianne,

    I love dreams that involve writing, characters, storylines or anything else writing related. Totally counts!


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