Kent and Krokos!!!!

Here’s a quick heads up…I’ve got TWO really cool things coming on my blog.

Jillian Kent (repped by literary agent Rachelle Gardner) AND Dan Krokos (repped by literary agent Janet Reid) have both agreed to make appearances.

Still nailing down specifics, but there are fun interviews, contest ideas, and awesome prizes in the works!

Stay tuned for details…


5 thoughts on “Kent and Krokos!!!!

  1. Looking forward to these interviews, Christi! I know I’m not a daily reader, but I do pop in every couple of weeks to say hello and I hope I catch these posts in the next couple of weeks!

  2. Hey everyone!

    I’ve just back from another round of emails with Jillian. She’s willing to judge a “Worst First Line” contest. As in, you write the worst first line ever, on purpose, and she decides who did the best job!

    I’m still figuring out details but she’s willing to critique the winner’s first page of their manuscript so start sharpening up your worst prose! Also, second place gets a signed copy of her debut novel.

    Contest starts on June 8th!


    PS. I’ll do a actual post on this but I’m giving you guys a heads up since you commented here 😀

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