Fun Contest Alert: Get Your Worst Ready!

Dust off your trunk novel(s) fellow writers!

(Well, at least the first page.)

This Wednesday, I’ve got Jillian Kent (represented by literary agent Rachelle Gardner) coming on my blog to judge a super fun contest.

In the spirit of this annual writing contest, I’ve decided to host something similar.

Create your “Worst First Line” and Jillian will judge which one was the “best worst”. In other words you create, on purpose, a really bad opening line to a (pretend) novel.

(All genres accepted. Word limit is 50 words…and yes, I’ll be counting 🙂 )

And there are PRIZES!!!!!!
Jillian has agreed to critique the first 250 words of the winner’s manuscript, and the second place winner gets a signed copy of her debut novel.

She appears this Wednesday so get your worst ready!

Spreading the word about this super fun contest will not help you win, but I’d really appreciate it 😀


9 thoughts on “Fun Contest Alert: Get Your Worst Ready!

  1. This means it’s good that we get to be bad … love it 🙂

    I might even take one of my old stories and send a “real” bad sentence. Or maybe I’ll have some fun making one up for you.

    Great idea, Christi !

  2. Florence,

    I’d love for you to spread the word about this however you can. Jillian is a wonderful author and whoever wins her critique will be very happy!


  3. Fun contest! I’ve been editing my WIP so much to get it better this will be a nice break. I won’t have to worry about what I submit. I think I’ll dig up a horrible first line I wrote years ago.

    Thanks for hosting it Chrstie.

  4. Haley,

    Love it! I think I might enter one of my long-ago lines (just for fun, not to win). I’ve got some really great (meaning super bad) ones to pick from 😀


    • Blaze,

      I just put the finishing touches on the official contest entry post. It hits tomorrow at 1am PST but I’ll give you some of the details…

      One sentence, fifty word limit. Flagrant and excessive use of punctuation is highly encouraged.

      Also, Jillian has generously agreed to take questions so be sure to take advantage of that. Leave her Q’s in the comments section of the contest post. She’s kind and generous with info so ask!


  5. Ok! Here goes nuthin! (hee hee) Without further ado the worst line I could think of:

    The sagging night gave way to the soggy sun; I yawned and stretched like a lazy cat getting up from his layabout in front of a warm and dozy fireplace; today wasn’t going to be that great a day.

    Ok! That’s the worst I can do right now. I hope it’s horrible! ROFL

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