“Worst First” Winners!

Jillian Kent has picked the winners of the “Worst First” contest!

Before I announce them, I want to thank all who participated. This contest was lots of fun, and I for one am glad I didn’t have to pick the winner because they all were so great. Oh wait, I mean they all were so horrible :).

So, without further ado, the runner-up, and winner of Jillian Kent’s debut novel, Secrets of the Heart, is…

Wendy Lawrence!

According to my watch, which I like to refer to as my miniature chartreuse chronograph, it was the best, and perhaps the superlative, (even the transcendent?), of times; and simultaneously (although I don’t know if this is by coincidence or not) it was the worst–most atrocious–of times.

(Check out Wendy’s blog here)

And now, onto the big one.

The winner of the “Worst First” contest, and recipient of a first page critique by Jillian is…

Leanne Shirtliffe!

Together, Ethel and Sylvester were a galvanized cell…he was the reduction cell and she the oxidation cell; together, when their batteries charged, they became the Energizer Bunny, except–in spite of their furriness–neither of them were pink, at least not bubble gum pink.

(Check out Leanne’s blogs, Ironic Mom and Wordbitches)


Congratulations Wendy and Leanne, and be sure to contact me for information on receiving your prize!


9 thoughts on ““Worst First” Winners!

  1. LOL… those are too funny! Sorry I missed this contest. 😦 I’ve been a big ol blog slacker. Hope you’re doing well, Christi!

    And congrats to the winners!

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  3. PK,

    Don’t worry, I’ve been brewing up another fun contest for the end of the month. Dan Krokos (super awesome author who is repped by Janet Reid) has agreed to judge a captioning contest…and do an interview!

    I’m already pulling together a fun prize package for the winner…

    Look for it the last week of June!


  4. Ramblings,

    I’m pretty sure the date is going to be June 29th so mark your calander. This one will be right up your alley…it’s a captioning contest and humor is required! Dan Krokos is the judge this time 🙂

    Now I’ve just got to find a picture.


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