Kountdown to Krokos (and another Contest!)

Two weeks from today, on June 29th, I’m hosting a very special guest on my blog.

Dan Krokos has agreed to do an interview and judge a caption contest!

I’ve got some special interview questions of my own, but in the meantime check out his interview over at The Novel Road . He tells all about his amazing story regarding Query Shark, his thoughts about his agent (Janet Reid), and shows his sense of humor.

I’ve got a prize package for the winner of the caption contest so mark the date on your calendars!


2 thoughts on “Kountdown to Krokos (and another Contest!)

  1. Christi, Love your enthusiasm and your guests these last two weeks. It sounds like a fun time. BTW, should I ever “win” another prize that requires mailing, I’ve secured another box under my cousin’s name.

    I did some checking and found out this happens to people a great deal, but only in my particular small town, and most often in my condo complex. My daughter and I are fighting back and my great coach, friend, adopted cousin, Harriet has agreed to let us use her mail box.

    Any-who … I look forward to more fun and games with you and your guest 🙂

  2. Florence,

    I’m excited about the caption contest this time around, since the judge is a grown up the captions can be too 🙂

    I’m thinking you have a mail monster who eats people’s packages!


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