Need Some Ideas…

Summer vacation is here, and I’m looking for ideas to keep two rowdy six-year-olds busy.

We’ve signed up for the summer reading program at the local library (this will be our third straight year participating), I bought squirt guns yesterday and let them go wild, and we’ve got plenty of playtime with friends planned. Also, we’ve got workbooks, worksheets, and fun games so their knowledge doesn’t fly away.

Plus, I’m a firm believer in unstructured, “come up with something to do” type of play, and of that there will be plenty.

But, we’re talking about three straight months, and this is our first summer vacation and one I want to make memorable, so does anyone have fun ideas to keep them busy?  

11 thoughts on “Need Some Ideas…

  1. Wish you could move to NYC for the summer months. Take a subway ride in any direction and you come to Botanical Gardens, Zoos, Museums, the NY Aquarium, Central Park, Prospect Park and the Big Mama of them all … Coney Island … walk the boardwalk, rides, sand, sea and fun !!

    From where you are there must be some of these … for us it was simply take the subway … you might have to pile people into cars and that can be a pain.

  2. To continue … Find a copy of Winnie the Pooh (must be on CD or DVD) … Not the cartoon … but the music and narration … find old recordings of Danny Kaye who also narrates Hans Christian Anderson … to a play with the kids and you and maybe a couple of friends having roles to play … my fav is Peter and the Woolf and of course my son was always Peter … Do song and dance contests … art contests and yeah, paint rocks and on rain days, do an indoor picnic with a table cloth on the floor … Hide lots of stuff around the house and let them search … each item has points … darn I talk too much … have fun 🙂

  3. I’d like to recommend SCIENCE!

    We do at home experiments with the kiddo, mostly in the backyard because she prefers the experiments where things get messy. Just google “science experiments at home” and you’ll see a ton of suggestions. It’s cool because it’s educational AND things can sometimes explode. (IE: Mentos + Coke Zero works great)

  4. Stephanie,

    I hadn’t thought of science experiments, and am a big fan of making fun messes so your suggestion is perfect!

    I LOVE the coke + Mentos experiement and will put those two things on my shopping list.

    Thanks for the input!


  5. Jillian,

    How funny you mentioned bubbles…

    I just scoured their rooms in my latest attempt to banish too small clothing, and managed to round up NINE containers of bubbles (in varying sizes) and two bubble guns. Now everything is all together and ready for our summer of fun!


  6. Camping, eating smores, catching lightening bugs, nature walks, pick leaves and identify them….ok sounding a little granolaish…what about sports camps? Have Star Wars Marathons. My nephew is 5, he is uber into Star Wars. I think it’s the only thing he’ll sit still for.

    • Lara,

      Your ideas sound like everything we already do, so I’m totally loving them and don’t think they are “granolaish” 🙂

      We had a outlandish pirate/star wars themed sword fight that went from their rooms, to the kitchen, into the living room and ended with me losing and having to walk the plank off the hallway rug.

      I escaped and then we all played “Matchbox cars through the tunnel of mommy’s open toed high heels and into the paper towel tube” for about half an hour.

      All in all a great day!


  7. We used lots of buckets on the back porch filled with water. Add some plastic cups — instant water play!!!

    We go through scads of bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

    Those squirt guns? Add some chalk bullseyes and you’ve got a target range. ^_^ When they’re not shooting each other.

    Good luck!!

  8. Comfy,

    We have the best driveway for sidewalk chalk so tomorrow (after we go to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and watch the featured magician) I’m going to let them loose on the driveway. Plus, I’m thinking about filling their old wading pool with a few inches of mud and having a pie making contest.

    Good thing our front yard also needs watering so I can have the sprinkler set up during all the filthyness 🙂

    Thanks for the great suggestions,

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