Writing Quote

I’m putting my blog on a brief hiatus so I can focus on my writing. While I’m off doing that, please enjoy this quote about writing from F. Scott Fitzgerald…

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

4 thoughts on “Writing Quote

  1. Enjoy your break. I hope you get lots of writing accomplished. I like that quote… a reminder that every war is a series of battles, or every journey a series of steps. If we falter, we recoup and carry on.

    • Carol,

      So far the hiatus has proven to be very helpful to my writing schedule. I sat down a few weeks ago and scheduled all these writing quotes and then have done nothing but work on revisions during the time I’d usually spend doing blog posts.

      The change in my accomplishments have been amazing!

      And, like your comment, I view it as a battle that I will win 🙂


    • Winona!

      So glad to see you here and I hope all is going well with your writing! How is your trail story going?

      Thanks for visiting,

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