Writing Quote

I’m putting my blog on a brief hiatus so I can focus on my writing. While I’m off doing that, please enjoy this quote about writing from George Orwell…

Good writing is like a windowpane.

4 thoughts on “Writing Quote

  1. Well I do love George so why not have him pen about my place to daydream … at a window a thousand little thoughts float in my mind as I fly off into a dream and rise to the sky. I love my windows so and find them my favorite place to go.

    Love your quote series 🙂

    • Florence, Regina, and Lara,

      Thanks for sticking with me through my hiatus! When I first decided to go on a break I really wondered if I was making the right choice. Now, with my revisions crusing right along and my blog still getting great comments from you guys, I’m totally convinced I made the right choice.

      You guys are the best and I think I’ll have a super huge fun contest to celebrate my return in September.

      Christi Corbett

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