Writing Quote and Blog Hiatus

I’m putting my blog on a brief hiatus so I can focus on my writing. While I’m off doing that, please enjoy this quote about writing from Sidney Sheldon…

I think that’s because believable action is based on authenticity, and accuracy is very important to me. I always spend time researching my novels, exploring the customs and attitudes of the county I’m using for their setting.


2 thoughts on “Writing Quote and Blog Hiatus

  1. So true, Sidney. How distracting is it to read a book that talks about a place you know well and disregards the places and people that make it unique? Or, gets it wrong because the writer never “bothered” to do research? Another good one, Christi 🙂

  2. Florence,

    Research that is well done and integrated into the novel with a subtle flair can both educate the reader, and make them feel as if they are living in the world the author created.

    Thanks for visiting and sticking with me through the hiatus!


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