One More Week of Hiatus and Then I’m Back!

I’m coming back to the blog on September 13th, until then please enjoy the last week of quotes 🙂

Today’s quote comes from Henry Ford…

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.


4 thoughts on “One More Week of Hiatus and Then I’m Back!

  1. I’m slowly returning to “normal” now that the kiddos had their first day of school yesterday.

    While they had their first day, I cleared out a shameful amount of dust from the shelves, cleaned the house so it resembled something close to clean, and made a hefty dent in the “to do” list I’ve been putting off so I could have fun with the kids over the summer.

    Now, I’m clearing out the email backlog, catching up on Twitter, and doing another round of critiques for my crit. partner.

    Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to venture into my own stuff 🙂

    Thanks for visiting,


  2. Thanks for your comment on my Bio page, Christi. It’ll be nice to have you back in circulation. Summertime is a great opportunity to explore things we don’t have time for during the rest of the year (and to spend extra time with the kidlets), but there’s something to be said for getting back into routine, isn’t there?

    Love the quote about failure — that’s a positive spin on what usually seems like a negative experience. 🙂

  3. Carol,

    I plan to have a quick rundown (hopefully with pictures!) of our summer of fun for one of my first blog posts back.

    Thanks for visiting, and I hope to get back to my writer friends blogs soon (took time off from the blog reading rounds too during my hiatus and I’m looking forward to getting back to them too).


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