Decorations and the Horrible, Sneaky, Bad Cat

Many of you probably recall this ‘oh so cute picture’ of our cat we got last November during a moment of weakness for the hubby. (He finally broke down under the pressure of a wide-eyed pleading five-year-old)

Here’s a more current shot of the rotten little beast…


Yesterday I decorated the house for Christmas.

Then, about three seconds after the cat woke up from her daily seven hour nap, this happened…

How do you keep pets away from decorations?

9 thoughts on “Decorations and the Horrible, Sneaky, Bad Cat

  1. lol – I thought only our cat slept weird!

    My family got its first cat in May. It just turned eight months. Last week, I realised — afer enjoying a few years of toddler-free christmas tree — that we’d have to decorate a little differently. No tinsel. Darn. I love tinsel. I’m really not looking forward to seeing the cat who loves to climb trees tackle our evergreen.

    Our tree goes up on Winter Solstice, so I’ll be back to see what others post about keeping kittens/cats away from it.

    Great pictures. My 8-year-old would love your kitty. He’s the reason we have a cat in the first place.

  2. Diane,

    The picture of our dog and cat together was the first official time they “got along” after we got her. She was a kitten, and our dog was still in the puppy stages of life, so they had some serious tackle-play around the house for about two weeks.

    Now they are the best of friends.

    I keep the cat’s nails clipped very short so she can’t climb the backyard fence, and stays out of the trees. The dog is always by her side, and we’ve even caught them going after a bird–together 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!


    • It is wonderful to see kittens and puppies/cats and dogs as friends. I hope when we get our sheep dog (the kind that herds sheep, not a ‘sheep dog’) that our cat will make friends with it.

      Our cat is a barn cat. It is outside all day, catching mice, chasing chickens and climbing trees. He comes in at dark, so that still leaves a lot of time for mischief indoors this time of year. His claws are very long and sharp which means our tree doesn’t have a chance if he decides to pounce. He is still verymuch a kitten and loves to attack anything that dangles. He’s even attacked my long hair while I was filling his food dish.

      • Diane,

        The dog in the picture is a Border Collie, born on an actual ranch here in Oregon. During the first three months of his life, he was trained (more like watched closely to see if he had the needed tendencies) for sheep-herding, but ultimately the rancher decided he’d do better as a pet and surrendered him to a Border Collie rescue center about 40 miles from our home.

        Then we got him, and we’ve loved him ever since 🙂

        Will you be getting a Border Collie for your farm?

        • I think that’s what they’re called: Border Collies. I’m not too sure. It’s something I’m not looking into until the day arrives that I need one. All I know is they are medium dogs that are black and white. lol

  3. Oh my dear friend Christi, the first Christmas after we got our cat, I found the tree up-side-down, on its side, decorations and lights, garland and tree-top in five different places. It happened three times! I finally took a thin rope and attached it to the middle of the tree and attached the ends with nails to my wall. It didn’t stop her from leaping into the branches, and until the day I took it down I could hear her falling from top to bottom, decorations and all crashing to the tree shirt below.

    Wish I had some words of wisdom. All I can say is that the little suckers often get bored with the entire affair and go off to sleep for another seven hours. That gives you and the kids enough time to fix it all. Maybe her learning curve will improve and she’ll bore quicker than my first. Oh, by the way. She was the only cat or dog we had who was hell bent on this flying feat of destruction. The rest of them were either afraid of the darn thing or yawned at the sight of it all. Good luck 🙂

  4. Florence,

    I remember growing up walking by the tree and seeing the cat staring at me from inside the branches. I believe less than an hour it fell over. My mom ended up tying it to the wall.

    I’m hoping our cat gets bored soon, but just in case I’m holding off on putting on the antique topper 🙂


  5. Lindsey,

    She is a really pretty cat, and knows it too :). My husband tried to get my daughter to trade her in for a new puppy, but my daughter said “No way!”

    Thanks for visiting,


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