Oh, It’s On Now!

Breaking news at the Corbett household.

Hubby and I have a bet going to see who can lose more weight.

Deadline is April 1st.

If I win, I’m going to a writing conference. If hubby wins, he buys some dumba$$ videogame system he’s been nagging me about for the last two years. 

Oh, it’s on now!

Please blog readers, keep me inspired so I can go to a writer’s conference! Also, any suggestions on which one I should go to WHEN I WIN?!!


10 thoughts on “Oh, It’s On Now!

    • subtlekate,

      Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it coming over the next few months because I’m sure going to need it!


  1. Christi, I don’t doubt for one second that you will win and there is no doubt in my mind where you should go. The next RWA national conference is on the west coast this year … in California!!

    You’ve been wanting to join and now is the best time 🙂 It’s in June and perfect timing for you to make a pitch for your novel.

    One bit of advice. Men tend to lose faster and get better results. An unfair advantage of gender but a warning. You’ll have to eat less and move a whole lot more … Go for it and beat his pants off 🙂

    • Florence,

      I’m already miles ahead of him in the “mindset” part of the bet. He sat on the couch last night, eating a massive turkey “salad” sandwich while I lifted weights and drank water.

      And by turkey salad, I mean the gross kind with a bunch of mayo. Kind of like a potato salad.

      He knows he has the advantage because he’s a guy, so I’m thinking he’ll slack off until about two weeks before April and then crash diet. My plan to combate this is to be super sneaky about my numbers I’ve lost, and then spring it on him.

      I want this so bad I can taste it! (Oh wait, I can’t taste anything right now 🙂 )


    • Wendy,

      Hubby just called, snooping around for info on what I had for lunch. I told him a stick of butter 🙂

      (Not really, I had brown rice and veggies)


    • Margo,

      Nope, but you can join in the fun if you’d like…though brown rice isn’t that much fun 😦


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