Flooding and a Big Whoosh!

I’m wondering if you heard a series of  “whooshing” noises last week? Well, that was the sound of all my writing schedules and deadlines whooshing right out the window.

I live in Oregon, in a very small town about 45 minutes from the coast. Last week our town got such a tremendous amount of rain several streets flooded.

Here’s a shot of the street behind ours. This is the street the Corbett kids ride the bus on to get to school…

(Update: I’ve taken this picture down due to some odd search engine hits regarding my kids and where do they actually go to school.)

FYI: Our house fared very well, but our backyard did not. We ended up with a “pond” of about six inches deep by about twenty feet wide at the back fence. Thankfully it stayed away from the house and has now receded. But it’s a nasty, muddy mess back there.  

It flooded so much so that my twins’ attended a grand total of ONE day of school last week due to cancellations.

Monday: No school (MLK Day)

Tuesday: Cancelled due to flooding

Wednesday: School operating as normal (But much to my twins’ dismay, they had to have indoor recess due to heavy rain. They informed me, in a very disgruntled fashion, that, “Indoor recess is BORING!”)

Thursday: Emergency closure after only two hours.

(Parents, let me stress how important it is to make sure the school has the CORRECT phone numbers of where to reach you, and your kids know what to do if they are sent home early. The Corbett kids had no trouble, but it was mayhem for others.)

Friday: Cancelled due to flooding

So, that’s how my week went. How was yours? And, how do you deal with unexpected events interrupting your writing schedule?

Why did the fish cross the road? To spawn on the other side!


12 thoughts on “Flooding and a Big Whoosh!

  1. OMG Christi, you have had one wet week. I am glad that your house was not flooded. As for your writing schedule, and since you are the lover of quotes … remember …

    “all the best laid plans of mice and men …”

    Hopefully Mother Nature will calm herself and you can try to get back to semblance of calm and order. Hang in there !!

    • Florence,

      Loved that quote 🙂

      This Friday’s quote is the “whoosh” one that is talking about deadlines. I figured it appropriate 🙂

      Thanks for visiting, and congrats on your guest post today. I visited and checked it out.


  2. Wow, that’s some water. If you get a chance google Hurricane Igor in 2009. We had some wicked water. There was so much damage a photograph book was published about it. It’s bad enough when ‘real life’ prevents us from doing what we want and all the more frustrating when Mother Nature does the intruding!

    I’ve been able to keep to my schedule since late last week which was interrupted for weeks on end this past couple of months. I decided not to punish myself about it this time. Instead, when I was able to get back to it, I just put on my favorite writing music and picked up where I left off. I love listening to Enya when writing and editing. I can crawl into a vortex and shut out the world for small blocks of time, but it was some frustrating with all the interruptions the arose. I wanted so bad to get back at it, but couldn’t. Now that things have settled I’m back in my groove! Hope you are able to get back into yours soon!

    • Karen,

      Our storm and flooding was nothing compared to Igor. I viewed it as more of a minor hurdle to get over than a life-changer like Igor or Katrina. No one was injured in our town, but three people were killed (a baby and his mother, and another man) in a town north of us. We were very fortunate the damage was minimal.

      I’m so glad to hear that you are back in your writing groove again! I’d missed our little “check-in’s” to encourage each other.

      I too love Enya, and have her CD sitting right here at my desk. Great minds think alike 🙂


  3. Wow, I’m SO glad that you all did alright and that your house didn’t end up getting flooded! Uh, but the flooded back yard? AWESOME to play in! At least, if you’re me. The small town where my mother was born has a creek running through it that floods periodically, and the water would come right up to the porch of my mother’s childhood home. After it receded the low side yard would have about a foot of water in it. My sister and I would spend HOURS playing in it, ‘galloping’ back and forth like horses etc. Uh, yeah, we got yelled at, and told that we were going to catch the epizoodic, but we turned out okay 🙂

    Here’s to hoping for a dry week and the time to get back to your writing/editing! My own has been derailed due to things way less epic then your flooding 🙂

    • Artemis,

      Oh how you read my mind on the water in the backyard. The twins spent a good portion of an afternoon tromping through it, racing each other, and then ended up playing a made-up version of their favorite show, “Wipe Out”.

      The water was over their rubber boots so it was great fun for them to shake their feet and have me listen to the sloshing noises 🙂

      Here’s to both of us getting back on track 😀


  4. Snow Storms caused a lot of problems last week here, but I think flooding is worse. Snow will stay outside and you can have hot cocoa to feel better. Flooding causes you to rock back and forth praying the water doesn’t come into the basement!
    Glad to hear you made it through with a dry house!

    • Marianne,

      We don’t have a basement, just a crawl space. I lived in the midwest with basements (wow do I miss the extra space) for years, but out here in Oregon they don’t have them. I think it may be due to all the rain?

      Glad to hear you got through all the snow storms intact. Hot cocoa is a good remedy on a cold day 🙂


  5. Oh my gosh!! Did you take that second picture?? Or did you find it via Google? ha!? Sheesh.

    We’ve had a very strange winter over here in Idaho. That same storm that blew through Oregon hit us, but we only had one day of snow out of it. Our ONLY snow this winter! It rained the rest of the time. Muddy dog paws all week long.

    • Margo,

      It was taken in Oregon, but not by me. It was pointed out to me and I Googled for it. It is not an uncommon sight to see fish crossing roads out here though 🙂

      We’ve had muddy dog paws, and sliding door glass, all winter long here. We only got one day of snow, but it was a good one that allowed for a snowman.


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