Love + Patience = This Picture

Yesterday was President’s Day, which meant the twins were home all day with me. So, instead of writing and pulling together an informative blog post about writing, I watched cartoons and played games with them.

A beautiful day indeed.

However, as a result, I’ve got nothing intelligent to share writing-wise. Instead, I bring you a picture of what happened last month when my twins worked the Easy-Bake oven and I exhibited extreme patience. (I say patience because this thing has FOUR layers, and each layer took TWENTY minutes to prep and cook. Plus, add in another half hour for decoration time.)

I bring you, the hubby’s birthday cake…

Why have one candle when the entire box is available?

 Oh yeah, it tasted HORRIBLE. But, the pride on my twins’ faces as they presented it to dear hubby was worth all the trouble.

What’s something fun you’ve done for a loved one recently?


10 thoughts on “Love + Patience = This Picture

  1. Christi, once again we are at different ends of the slide-ruler. Okay, my fun with the kids these days includes editing a fellowship draft for my daughter, following my sons photo journey around the world as he globe-hops for his work, scanning the book list for the high school grandchildren and enjoying all the young mothers on blogs … who still have so much fun to enjoy. Take it one day, one birthday cake at a time. Each moment only comes around once and before you can blink, you’ll be editing college papers for both of them 🙂

    • Florence,

      I’m learning to be present in each moment with them, instead thinking of everything I need to get done. There will only be so many years of couch forts ahead, and then phone calls, video games and the eventually our car will rule the day.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. What a pretty cake! I’m sure your husband loved it.

    I can relate to your blog. Just the other day our three girls ran into the kitchen and with a cheerful smile begged me to go see their play room. I cringed—wait, you want me to actually step inside that explosion of toys? Apparently they cleaned the entire playroom for me and were proudly willing to show it off. I admit the play room was spotless and neat…till I opened the closet and the avalanche of toys was just begging to explore out of it. I hugged them and thanked them for their hard work.

    At times, small little moments such as those is what makes life worth it…..

    • T,

      Awwwww! I love that they made all that massive effort to make you happy…even if they did create an avalanche of toys to do it 🙂

      So sweet!


    • Lindsey,

      He was impressed, and then I was as I watched him eat his portion. He did it with a smile and dramatic rubbing of his tummy so they would know just how good it was 🙂


  3. Wendy,

    Did you see the skill used to “stack” the marshmallows on top of each other, and then on top of the cake? My daughter “glued” them together by putting a dab of frosting between two marshmallows, squishing them together, and then using another dab of frosting to stick her “married” marshmallows to the cake. She did a great job because nothing fell off 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!


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