Writing Info Friday

No quote today. Instead, check out this fantastic list…

CLICK HERE for 25 Things I Want to Say to So-Called “Aspiring Writers”


4 thoughts on “Writing Info Friday

  1. MEMOIRS’ — pl. n. account of one’s past life.

    If one is 81 years old he is lucky to even remember he even had a past life, never mind all the dialogue exchanged with people. Isn’t it a person telling his story as he remembers it?

    Dialogue –n. conversation.

    If I wrote a conversation between myself and John Gotti, Jr. about a crime he committed, the way a fiction writer does, i.e.

    “John, I saw you personally kill that bastard with a baseball bat, and helped you dispose of the body”.

    “Peter, don’t worry about it. No one knows it but us”.

    What would happen if a federal prosecutor read that in my memoir. Would this upset John Jr.

  2. Christi, someone in my RWA group circulated this post. It’s raw, honest and funny. Chuck Wendig is certainly the blunt, in-your-face kind of guy 🙂 This one is a keeper, print it, hang it somewhere you can see it every day and remember … we need to get over ourselves, take this s$$t seriously to get the job done!!

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