Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from E. B. White…

English usage is sometimes more than mere taste, judgment and education – sometimes it’s sheer luck, like getting across the street.
Also, you still have a chance to win a copy of Haley Whitehall’s debut novel, Living Half Free. Check out the end of Tuesday, February 28th’s post for details.

4 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

  1. I love, love, love this quote. Sometimes I can be quite the Grammar stickler, but then again, sometimes I need to use an incomplete sentence, or (G-d forbid) start a sentence with an “And” or a “But”; that’s just what the story needs. 🙂

    • Wendy,

      I try to stick by grammar’s rules, but I’m with you in that the occasional sentence just begs to start with the word “And”. And I do it too!

      Thanks for visiting,


  2. Yes Christi, we are finding every day that the old rules are no longer written in stone and we seem to be rewriting them as we go along. And Wendy, we can try to follow the rules, but we need to write the way real people talk. Know what I mean?

    • Florence,

      Hello to another grammar buster. The rules are in place to be broken for dramatic effect :).

      Talk to you next week!


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