Movies as Writing Inspiration

Wow! The day totally got away from me, and now it’s 4pm and I just realized I didn’t do a post today.

Since I have nothing intelligent to write and kids are bugging me with the age old question of, “What’s for dinner” I’m going to look to you guys for help on a future post I want to write…

So I ask… 

What are your favorite movies that deal with writing, or an author, as the main storyline?

I personally love Romancing the Stone, because the beginning just cracks me up with the reality of what a writer really looks like and acts like when they’ve been working really hard to get to “The End”.

Another favorite stars Sean Connery as a reclusive writer in Finding Forrester.

I’ve tried to watch Adaptation several times, but never could get into it.

A recent movie that quickly became a favorite of mine is Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper as a writer with a contract and a pissed off editor nagging him for pages.

And one that’s always stuck with me, even though it relates to music and not writing, is Mr. Holland’s Opus. I’ve always thought that one could be a universal theme on someone who keeps trying to go after their dreams, even when life gets in their way.

So, what’s your favorite writing related movie?

17 thoughts on “Movies as Writing Inspiration

  1. I have to say one of my favs is Throw Momma From the Train. I used to say that I had TMFT Syndrome because I was always afraid that some day I’d write THE ONE and somehow, someone would steal it and get it published and then I’d be Billy Crystal’s character, driven mad by the injustice. That movie still cracks me up every single time.

    • Artemis,

      I found a long clip (the opening to the movie) on YouTube of that movie and now I have to say that I can’t stop thinking about how to use the word “sultry” as much as possible. She produces the perfect word with such ease, it’s no wonder Billy Crystal has the reaction he does 🙂

      I’m thinking I’m gonna have to buy this one.


  2. Great question. My two favourites are Nym’s Island and Ink Heart. I feel like Jody Foster some days, not wanting to leave the house and arguing with my characters. Of course, if my characters came to life like Alex Rover, I’d argue with the Scotsman all day just to hear him talk. lol

    And I understand the old man in Ink Heart, wanting to meet his characters. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to come face to face with them?

    • Diane,

      I’m so glad I did this post and got such great responses like yours. I’ve never heard of those two movies and they sound great! Like with Carol’s suggestion, I’m off to find yours on YouTube or IMDB.

      And yes oh yes would I love to hang out with my characters!


  3. I really liked the movie “Iris” with Kate Winslet and Judi Dench … the real life story of novelist Iris Murdoch that involves a romance plus her battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s heartwrenching near the end because you can just feel her frustration in trying to find the words she needs to finish her book, but I loved the story nevertheless.

  4. Florence is having trouble putting up comments and asked me to add this one to this post…

    Love the idea of this post and the connection between books and movies, and this … movies about writers of books. My favorite was Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and if you can find the movie on Netflix I am sure you would love it. Rawlings was also the author of The Yearling and some other wonderful books about a part of Florida when the land was raw and the living slower. Read her and find Cross Creek.

    Thanks for another great post 🙂

    Florence Fois

  5. I’m going to go for ‘Stranger than Fiction’, starring Will Ferrell. It’s absolutely hilarious, but also deals with one idea that I also find myself wondering about: what if we were just characters in a book? I don’t believe in fate, but it’s a brilliant film nonetheless, with great humour, but an overall lovely message. Nice question! I hadn’t realised there were so many movies related to writing.

    I’m enjoying your blog!

    ~ JLT

    • I think I remember that movie. Isn’t Will’s character “written” by an author, and he has to do what the author commands? And doesn’t someone hear voices in their head and then yells outloud at them?

      Now I’m off to YouTube and IMDB to see if I’ve got the right movie 🙂

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog!


  6. That’s the one! I admit that compared to other replies to this post, perhaps this movie has a little less depth, but I do love it.

    And it’s my pleasure, it’s great to check out all the different writing blogs here because they’re so different, but very good too!

    ~ JLT

  7. I can’t think of a single movie about a writer pursuing his/her craft but your post inspired me to re-watch Mr. Holland’s Opus. I can certainly use a push in the direction of pursuing what you’re after in spite of life getting in the way. I’m glad you’e still writing your blog.

    • Tori,

      The blog is still kicking, but I’m down to only posting twice a week instead of three times.

      Isn’t Opus such a great movie? I love it and am glad to find you do too.


  8. I have visited Margaret Mitchell’s (Gone With the Wind) apartment in Atlanta, Georgia and seen the desk and typewriter where she wrote her novel. I also saw a recent biographical program about her on OPB. They also had a great Bio on Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Very interesting.

    • Now I remember I was going to bring that really great article about the Gone With the Wind sequel for you to check out at writer’s group. I’ve got it on my calendar so I won’t forget this time 🙂

      Sounds like a great trip!


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