Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from Dean Koontz…

Many writers think—erroneously—that fiction should be a mirror of reality. Actually, it should act as a sifter to refine reality until only the essence is before the reader. This is nowhere more evident than in fictional dialogue. In real life, conversation is round about, filled with general commentary and polite rituals. In fiction, the characters must always get right to the point when they talk.


*I’m still having trouble with getting my comments to work properly. I’m unable to comment on your comments, and as one reader (Hi Florence!) pointed out, she is unable to comment at all. Any ideas as to what the problem is? I’d thought WordPress had fixed it, but now I’m having trouble again?


2 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

  1. Christi, I will try again. Love the man, can’t always read him because I’m afraid of my own shadow. Yes, real life dialogue can be as boring as watching hair grow and not good for fiction đŸ™‚

    Let’s see what happens now!!

    • Florence,

      To reply to your comment (and the others from the last week) I had to get into the “guts” of my blog…the Dashboard. From there I went to the comments section, pulled up each individual comment and am replying back that way.

      What a hassle! And, I still have your movie comment to figure out how to post. Perhaps a new template will help? Are you still having trouble?


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