Finding Just the Right Word

Some unexpected family things yesterday didn’t allow me to do the post I was going to slap together at the last minute had planned, so instead enjoy this GREAT clip about just how hard it is to be a writer.

Thanks to Artemis Grey for suggesting this movie!


4 thoughts on “Finding Just the Right Word

    • I’ve watched this clips more times than I should probably admit since you recommended the movie. I think my favorite part is him getting out the sponge and starting to clean his desk, then the typewriter. If that were me I’d be moving on to the bookshelf, the legs of the desk, between the typewriter keys…pretty much anything to not be writing 🙂

      Thanks for visiting,


    • I absolutly LOVE it when he just gives in to frustration, yells “F&*K IT!” and types humid, but then continues to ruminate over the word for the rest of the movie. Sometimes I just can’t let a sentence live, and will mess with it for what seems like forever.


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