Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from Steve Martin…

The conscious mind is the editor, and the subconscious mind is the writer. And the joy of writing, when you’re writing from your subconscious, is beautiful—it’s thrilling. When you’re editing, which is your conscious mind, it’s like torture.


5 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

  1. I think this is a brilliant writing quote. My favourite quotes are the ones that I haven’t heard before and are thoughtful, unusual or intelligent, like this one is. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I found this quote in my FAVORITE “how to write” book and had to borrow it for today’s quote. (I do quotes every Friday so be sure to check back in next week)

      The book is called, “Thanks, but this isn’t for us. The (sort of) compassionate guide to why your work is being rejected.” Author is Jessica Page Morrell.

      I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar given by Jessica. It was packed full of great advice, and the book is even better. I highly recommend!


      • I’ll definitely check that book out. I must have fifty already, but there’s always lots of new things to learn to everyone of them. Thanks for the recommendation 😉

        ~ JLT

    • Completely agree! Oh wait, tomorrow I’m throwing the twins their birthday party. The first one I’ve ever done, and it’s at the same time even though I’ve got a boy and girl. Perhaps that will be worse than editing?

      I’ll let you know 🙂


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