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So, when I put together this post where I asked you to name/describe your favorite writing-related movie, I had the grandest of aspirations to put together a list of fantastic movies about writers, writing, and publishing as a whole.

Then when I entered three words on Google’s search engine started extensive research into the subject, I found several others had thought of such an idea before me. And, since I went on an all day field trip as a chaperon for my twins’ class yesterday, I kind of don’t have any energy to reinvent the wheel. So, I’m putting up some links to the other posts.

Also, there are some great movies suggested by commenters to my original post about “Movies as Writing Inspiration” so I highly suggest checking them out too.


20 Greatest movies about writing

Top 10 Movies about Writers

Top 5 Writer’s Block Movies 





5 thoughts on “Movies about Writers Writing

  1. Thanks for the lists. Shortcuts work on busy days and I’m glad you posted yours. I’ve seen a few (very few) of these movies and there are several I’ve wanted to see but haven’t. My available time grows shorter, the unwatched movies longer. (sigh)

  2. Yay, I know and watched most of the 20 and the 10. How about Cross Creek the story of Margarie Rawlings, Bullets Over Broadway, original screen play by Woodie Allen, and as comic relief, Throw Mama From the Train about writer’s jealousy, writer’s block and how to get thrown overboard on a ship, get rescued and write a best seller ??? Love this topic 🙂

    Your next mission, should you accept, is to research, duh, google movies about struggling artists like “Vincent,” played by Kirk Douglas ??

  3. Great post – it’s just added a ton more titles to my already extravagantly long list of movies to watch! I forgot to add ‘Freedom Writers’ to the list – I suppose, again like Stranger than Fiction, it’s not likely to be one of those on the ‘blockbuster’ list, but at the same time, I thought it was touching and conveyed a brilliant message about the power of and the passion for writing.

    ~ JLT

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