Contest News and Links to Share

Busy day here at the Corbett household so I don’t have time for a regular post. So here’s some links to enjoy!

FYI: One of the reasons I’m so busy is because I’m getting ready for the Second Annual “Worst First” contest I’m holding next month. I’ve got an author lined up as the judge, and a stack of great prizes from that author’s publisher. So get your worst ready!

Random Links…

Click HERE for an interesting article on editing needs for self-published books

Click HERE for the best post on Story Structure I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you’ve got to check this one out!

Click HERE to learn how to write a selling query or pitch in four easy steps.

And finally, since my daughter got a guitar for her birthday and we now use this site all the time, click HERE for how to tune a guitar.


7 thoughts on “Contest News and Links to Share

    • T,

      I’ve got another author doing a guest host in July. Now, I’ve got to come up with another fun contest because she’s agreed to do a critique of the winner’s first page of their novel. I love summertime fun!

      I’m probably going to do a caption contest again so get ready 🙂


  1. Hey Christi! Thanks again for the link love! I hear ya about being too busy too blog. It’s definitely tough sometimes. I’m off to check out your query link now. Thanks for the links.

    • Trish,

      I LOVED that post about plot structure and had to share it 🙂

      Be sure to check back in throughout the summer for the fun contests I’ve got planned. The “Worst First” is one, and I’m thinking of doing a caption one again in July.


  2. Whoot, Christi !! Love the linky-links. Great resources and for the cherry on top … a contest. Looking forward to lots of fun in the sun and the selection of the worst one (Yeesh, did I just do that?) … Thanks 🙂

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