It’s a Summer of Writing Contests!

I love summer, and all the fun writing contests that pop up all over the blog-0-sphere. Especially ones that offer great prizes.

(Hint hint…I’m somewhat foreshadowing for MY awesome contest, the “Best First” Contest that starts this Wednesday :). Check back Tuesday for more details)

In the meantime, if you can’t wait and want to enter one NOW, click on over to Lisa Burstein’s blog where she’s giving away some amazing prizes.

(This list copied directly from her site)

  • 1 3 Chapter Critique of your book by my editor!
  • 3 Chapter Critique of your book by me!
  • $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
  • 1 Talking Parrot toy- with Message from Lisa!

Click HERE for info on how to enter, and to learn more about Lisa!


3 thoughts on “It’s a Summer of Writing Contests!

  1. Christi, Thanks for the heads up on the contest. Too bad I don’t have 3 chapters ready. I’ll take a look at her blog. Looking forward to Wednesday.
    Tori (you know who)

    • Tori,

      Summer is a great opportunity for fun writing contests on writer’s blogs. I’ve got the “Best First” coming up tomorrow, and then another one coming up next month. The author I’ve wrangled into judging next month’s contest has also agreed to include a critique (and books!) as a prize. Plus, I always include a package of fun writing goodies as a prize too.

      Try your hardest to get some time, get all those notebooks opened, and get everything in order :). I know you can do it!

      Thanks for visiting. See you Wednesday.


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