Contest Update, and Some Fun Links

The “Best First” contest was a rousing success and garnered a whopping THIRTY-FOUR entries!

I don’t envy Reid right now as being the one who has to sift through all those fantastic sentences and select three as winners (One Grand Prize winner and two runners-up). When I was compiling the list for Reid I couldn’t help but think how hard it was going to be for him to just pick three!

So, it’s little wonder that he hasn’t made his selection yet. While we wait, I found some fun links that I wanted to share…

Click HERE to see the newest editing symbols. They are hilarious!

Click HERE to see why I’m stalking the mailman as I await a package from Amazon that will contain what I hope will be the best writing tool evah! Seriously, I peer out my window when the mailman drives up to our box just hoping against hope that Amazon shipped it early. So far, no such luck. I think I’ve become Mrs. Kravitz by now I’m looking out the curtain so much 😦

Click HERE if you have no idea who Mrs. Kravitz is.

And finally, click HERE to learn about a book I wish I had when my twins were at that oh so tender age of not wanting to go to sleep—the hubby and I called that age zero to now. (Hint…the title is Go the F*&k to Sleep)



6 thoughts on “Contest Update, and Some Fun Links

  1. Christi –

    I recently purchased Scrivner (a dynamic and easy to learn writing tool). What did you purchase from Amazon?


    • Rick,

      I bought “The Emotion Thesaurus” book. It’s like a thesaurus, but for emotions and includes the physical reactions a character might display when they are feeling certain feelings.

      I had way too many grimaces, shrugs, and grins going on with my characters 🙂

      If you click on the link marked “HERE” in the paragraph where I talk about what I bought, it will take you to more info about the book.

      I’d love to hear how Scrivner worked out for you. I’ve been thinking about getting it.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. More great links, Christi … gotta love Janet Reid … if for no other reason than she provides comic relief from “how to” publish, write, market, query, or bake an apple pie.

    Good results from your contest … I look forward to reading the winners 🙂

    • Florence,

      I loved the stick figure throwing up flowers to indicate the writing was “Too Flowery”. What was your favorite?

      Thanks for commenting, and best wishes in the contest!


  3. Christi, I finally got a chance to check out the links. I hate the “F” word but the book is hilarious. So were some of the editing symbols. I ordered the book. Should be here next week, I hope. Thanks to the link to Wordbitches blog. I’m going back when I have more time and look around.

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