Bigfoot, an Email, and a New Pet

I usually do a writing quote on Fridays, but since it’s summertime I figured I’d mix it up a bit and share with you the actual email I sent to the dear hubby yesterday.

I must preface this with a photo showing they have little fear when it comes to animals, as evidenced by this picture of them at the local county fair. Yep, that’s Bigfoot!


Dear Hubby,

Your kids have a new pet. They found it today, asked if they could keep it, and I said yes.
I’m gonna let you guess what it is, but I’ll give you one hint first…
It’s dead.




So, any guesses as to what the Corbett twins found? (Keep in mind they are seven-years-old)


6 thoughts on “Bigfoot, an Email, and a New Pet

  1. Christi, I have blocked out all memories of what seven year olds are capabable of dragging into the house.

    Cats bring in lizzards or frogs; dogs bring anything living or dead, animal, vegetable or mineral … birds on the wing might bring worms … but kids at seven … and two of them?

    Hope, I give up 🙂

    • Florence,

      My hubby had some fun guesses, which included a dead bird, but he never did figure it out 🙂

      It was a dragonfly…which they named “Dead Thing” and it now lives in a glass jar on the kitchen counter.

      A few months ago there was a dead mole under the fence, and they were under strict instructions not to touch it.

      Happy Weekend to you!


  2. My kids often bring in rocks. I have jars and jars and jars full of rocks. I like rocks and prefer them over dead moles, birds, lizards and dragonflies any day:)

  3. I would have guessed a cricket. Seems like a good possibility if it was around Bigfoot. Want to go dragonfly hunting at Sandpiper Pond before you head to your parents?

    • Tori,

      Where is Sandpiper Pond? Is it close? Dragonfly hunting sounds fun!


      PS. We’ll have to go when I get back

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