Protect Yourself in the Digital Age

I have an incredibly busy day today, so instead of a blog post I’m going to post a link to an amazing story about how in the space of less than one hour, a man’s entire digital life was erased via hackers looking for a bit of fun.

Click HERE to read Mat Honan’s story.


2 thoughts on “Protect Yourself in the Digital Age

  1. That’s a hard read, Christi. As I read, I kept thinking, “Good, I don’t do that. Good, I don’t have that account.” Although I have several ‘accounts’ on the Internet, none are connected. When email confirmations come in my email, I write them in my ‘password paper book” and delete them from the computer.

    And although his wasn’t hacked using a password, I now use different passwords for every site, and they’re not simple (happyday), they’re complex (Sh3kk_239Hg_a). This doesn’t guarantee I won’t be hacked, but it makes it more difficult.

    It’s a scary world out there, and the sad part is, many hackers do this just for fun…fun!

    • Diane,

      I hadn’t even heard about having connected accounts before I read this article. There are some really important points to learn from this, and I hope everyone takes away some good tips on protecting themselves.

      Thanks for visiting,


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