“What’s Going on Here?!” Caption Contest Open for Submissions

Yesterday, I introduced author Moriah Densley. Moriah has generously agreed to act as the sole judge for the “What’s Going on Here?!” Contest!

Contest details…

Leave a caption for the following picture of Moriah’s ADORABLE children in the comments section of this post.

Contest deadline is 11:59pm PDT on August 24, 2012.

Humor is appreciated, but not required. (Let’s keep it clean though)

Winners will be announced when Moriah is done judging :)

Prizes are amazing, and as follows…

Grand Prize Winner will receive a critique from Moriah of their first 15 pages of their novel, AND and a copy of her e-book, Song for Sophia, AND, a package of writing goodies (chosen by me and I always include great stuff!)

First Runner Up will receive a critique from Moriah of their first 10 pages of their novel,  AND a copy of her e-book, Song for Sophia.

Second Runner Up will receive book one of Reid Lance Rosenthal’s Threads West, An American Saga, series…Threads West. (I had a leftover book from Reid’s contest) 

The Soapster Award! If you read yesterday’s interview with Moriah you’ll know that she bribes her children in order to get time to write. This award goes to first person who figures out what happens when you microwave a bar of soap. (Prize is a copy of Moriah’s e-book, Song for Sophia)

Best wishes!

20 thoughts on ““What’s Going on Here?!” Caption Contest Open for Submissions

    • Moriah,

      Peter is a one of a kind, and well-deserves the snark award. He’s a great writing friend of mine, and can always be counted on to lighten the mood with humor 🙂


      • Dear Peter, We adore you. If you’d like to read “Song for Sophia,” a historical romance e-book about an autistic savant and former spy who saves a geeky runaway from her evil father, or know somebody you’d like me to send it to as a gift, email me and it’s all yours. We just invented a new prize for the contest, because as Christi said, you totally deserve it. Thanks for making us laugh. moriahdensley[at]gmail[dot]com.

        • Thank you, Moriah, I would love to read the story. My nephew has a young daughter who is lautistic savant. I am eighty and have no idea what an e-book is. Christi Corbett has helped me a great deal in my memoir. If she has an e-book please send it to her or someone she knows. If i can buy it in paper, i would love to read it and pass it on to my nephew.


          • Hi again Peter. I’m still waiting for the publisher to release the print version of my book. (Hope it’s soon.) An e-book or electronic book is a digital copy you download to read on a computer or other electronic device such as an iPad, Kindle, smart phone, etc. Ebooks are supposedly the next big thing in the literary market, but I’m still adjusting. Personally I prefer to cuddle up with a paperback… Anyway, it’s a historical romance novel, which may or may not interest you. Let me know if you want to give an e-book a try, or I can just send it Christi’s way. Cheers!

          • Christi’s “Along The Way Home” book is an historical western romance novel, and she has allowed me to read and comment on it from a man’s viewpoint. I really love it and her characters.

            I would love to give an e-book a try so please send it. I think I could use some more romance in my life. My gut feeling is I will love it. Thank you for the special prize.


          • That’s the spirit! Your perspective would be invaluable to me. I hope you like it. When you get a moment, please send me an email. We’ll figure out the details and get the book to you. Thanks! moriahdensley[at]gmail[dot]com

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