Back to School!!!

Today my twins went back to school.

The following video captures my complete joy at this event 🙂

And this picture details what I will be doing with my kid-free time.

How about you? Anything new scheduled for your days now that Autumn is upon us?

5 thoughts on “Back to School!!!

  1. Enjoy these “salad” days and make the most of each time they walk one more step away … because the farther along you go together … the more you will know … they never go too far.

    Me? I’m planning to get the bulk of a new WF novel done, get my last WIP read and have a great time. I miss the fall colors of the Northeast … but I will content myself with two things: September is the month of my birth … and September 15th I move into my own tiny bungalow … all mine … all the time. And for the first time in my life … I don’t have to work and sleep and eat in one space. I finally have an office 🙂

    • Florence,

      The hubs and I just dropped them off about an hour ago, and they were raring to go. No tears, no hesitation, found their desks, sat down and were ready to go.

      And, for the first time, no tears for me either 🙂

      Now I’m spending the day slogging through the backhaul of emails, twitter feeds, twitter hashtags I saved and thought were important, to do lists, more to do lists, and then I’ll try and watch something on television that ISN’T animated.

      Congratulations on your OWN OFFICE!!!!!!!!


  2. Because I home school, starting back to school doesn’t hold the same kind of joy as others, but there is joy. My kids enjoy school, thank goodness and I get snippets of 20 and 30 minutes at a time to write, edit, research or whatever. Some days I plan school or grade papers. Some days I write. Some days I just enjoy quiet time. But I try and divide school and writing evenly during the week. Most time is spent in class wirh the kids, but at least I do get time every now and then to write.

    • Talynn,

      Do you ever write after your kids are in bed? That’s how I had to work over the summer because I can’t concentrate when my kids are awake and roaming through the house.

      • That’s pretty much the only time I get to write. Like now. I should be writing, but I’m playing catch up with my social media. But I just finished writing a couple of pages in my current WIP.

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