The Blank Screen…Power or Fear?

When I gave my seven-year-old son a stack of blank paper so he could write his own book he said, “This is so exciting! I’ve never felt this much power before!”
How about you? Do you feel infinite possibility or fear when you face a blank paper/screen?

14 thoughts on “The Blank Screen…Power or Fear?

    • Totally my favorite part too. Where you can take any storyline down any path and anything can happen to any of your characters.

      It’s what comes next, the revision part, that has me grimacing 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Talynn,

      I love the smell, and feel, and look, and endless possibility a blank page represents. There are no rules, and I can do anything I want to do. (Until the dreaded revision process starts…then I cringe at every word, every choice I must make)

      Congrats again on your contest wins!


  1. Though I’ve been drawing far more than writing lately, I’d have to say the same principle applies to a blank canvas or sheet of paper. For me, it’s a comibination of exhiliration and fear; they tend to feed off of each other and keep me moving.

    • Bradley,

      I have twins (boy/girl) and since she loves to draw and my son loves to write they’ve become a “writer/illustrator” team and try to sell me and the hubby their books they create.

      And, since I’m such a sucker, they’ve made quite a tidy profit with this little venture 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Lindsey,

      I am writing this while starting at my first of several cups of coffee I have during the day. Is coffee your caffeine delivery system, or something else?

      Thanks for commenting!


    • Florence,

      They do come up with some great lines! Just today they were racing each other to the bus stop, came in tied, and declared, “We’ll settle this on the field at recess!”

      Looks like they’ll be a showdown soon 🙂


  2. I love the possibilities of a blank page! And I love literal blank pages so much I have an embarrassingly large collection of empty notebooks in my office, waiting for me to fill them. 😀

    • Carol,

      I have notebooks all around me too :). And pens. Love me a new pen, an old pen, a favorite pen, or a pen I find just in the nick of time to write down a great idea.


  3. Your question made me ponder this…and, interestingly enough, I feel infinite possibility when I look at a blank piece of paper, but I’m more likely to feel fear when I look at a blank file on the computer. Does this make any sense at all? No. But there it is.

    • Charlotte,

      I know what you mean about paper vs computer. I tend to not follow the rules when writing on paper…I make fun drawings, write sideways, make notes to myself on the margins, and in general fill the page with lots of stuff.

      A computer screen is so rigid, for lack of a better word. Unless you’re messing with the font styles and sizes, you’re pretty limited in what you can fill it up with.

      Thanks for visiting!


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