Comment Trouble?

I tried to disable the feature that demands waaaay too much info to leave a comment on my blog.

I got deep into the guts of my blog, did some fiddling, and thought I’d eliminated the “have to give all your info including name, email address, blog, etc…” to make a comment feature, and now I’m heard from a reader (Hi Florence!) that it’s created a problem—meaning commenting on my blog is now impossible.

Anyone else having trouble? Shoot me an email and I’ll try and get to the bottom of this conundrum.



5 thoughts on “Comment Trouble?

  1. I’m not having problems. I just haven’t been around this week much (sorry) because I have been busy…
    Loved the quote about the query letter, though!
    Hope your weekend is fantastical!!

  2. Talynn,

    When you left your most recent comment was there a difference in the amount of info you had to give?

    I never knew that to comment on my blog posts I was requiring all the info in the world, and changed it yesterday. Now I’m finding I’m able to comment on my own blog instead of via reply feature on my email, so I’m happier :).

    Thanks for visiting!

    How’s the critique from Moriah work out?


    • Thanks for the major effort, Christi. I am still unable to leave comments, other than tagging on to someone’s previous one. Drat. I’m having major problems with WP and can’t find a way to contact customer service );

    • Well, I have to put my email, name, and website. But for me, it’s not that big of a deal. Firefox saves me info once I’ve added it, so all I do is post my comment and click “Post Comment”

      Moriah’s critique was excellent. Since my story is historical, it was nice to get a critique from a historical writer. The last one I got from Reid was awesome too, but the story he critiqued wasn’t a historical piece.

      Anyway, I hope all the bugs get worked out with the commenting:)

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