Meet the Newest Member of the Corbett Family

I’d like to introduce our newest member of the Corbett family. He’s a Black Lab/Great Pyrenees Mix (or, as the family we got him from said, “Half purebred, half sneaky neighbor dog.”)

He was the runt of the litter, and the calmest of the ones we got to pick from, but we’ll see how that pans out as he grows :).

He’s only five weeks old, but his mom weaned him off too early so we got to take him home yesterday.

Kiddos have today off from school so they are having a blast!

He’s very small…the bear he’s snuggling with is about 12 inches tall.


11 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Member of the Corbett Family

    • Midnight,

      I grew up with only cats, so I had no clue about what it really took to have a dog. The work we’ve put into this little guy so far is astounding, but it’s worth it to see my twins so happy and willing to take care of something so small. They’ve been great!

      Thanks for visiting,


    • Talynn,

      No way! We already have twins, and since they were a natural occurance (Twins run in my family BIG TIME) we’d have a huge chance of having twins again.

      We’re happy with adding a dog 🙂


    • S,

      I admit I was a bit leery of getting what will probably be a huge dog, but after doing a lot of research on the breeds, and getting input from the vet, we’re really happy with our choice.

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Ramblings,

      Oh am I glad to hear you had a lab…now I’ll be able to bombard you with questions 🙂

      He already follows them around the yard, and this morning he whined after they got on the bus. I’m thinking they’ve got a new best friend for life 🙂


  1. I randomly came across your blog just now while googling info for my pup. I also have a black lab Great Pyrenees mix. He will be 9 months old on January 18. His first birthday is on April 18. I adopted him from a shelter in July. We live in south west Indiana. I wanted to tell you how great your choice in dogs was! My pups name is Kona. His mom is a pyrenees and his daddy is black lab. I love this boy so much. If yours is the same mix of mom and dad type, he will be over 100 pounds. Kona is already close to 80. I actually randomly met a couple who had adopted his older brother from another litter and at a year old he was 108 pounds! I will tell you that if yours is anything like mine, he will love to cuddle and pretend that he weighs 10 pounds when he tries to sit on your lap. Good luck with your little boy! Kona was almost 4 months when I got him so it’s cute to see a pic of what he probably looked like that young!

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