Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from a blog post by literary agent Jenny Bent. The post features her answers to questions posed by a creative writing student, and includes one of the most inspirational pieces of writing advice I’ve ever seen.

Is there any further advice for new authors that comes to mind?

Tenacity is more important than anything else.  It even trumps talent, I would say. Believe in yourself and never give up, no matter what.  

(Click HERE to read the entire post, which features her answers to some very important questions about writing, publishing, agenting, etc…)


4 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

    • Florence,

      I’m thrilled you like the quote Fridays, and must again thank you for all your recommendations of quotes you’ve given me.

      I always call myself the turtle, as in, I’m the turtle from that old nursery story the turtle and the hare where the turtle plods on even though the rabbit races way ahead. Yep, hopefully I’ll be plodding over the finish line soon!


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