Writing Contest News!

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve finaled in the Windy City RWA Four Seasons 2012 contest.

I’d like to say that I opened the notification email, calmly read it while a serene smile crossed my lips, and then went on with my day.

But alas, I’m a moron so it went more like this…

It’s dark-thirty am on Saturday morning and the new puppy who had been up for hours finally decided to go to sleep, so I stumbled over to the computer to check my email.

We’d just got back from romping through the pumpkin patch when this was taken. He was so tired that we had to wake him up to take the picture.

I see the email subject line “Windy City Four Seasons Contest Results” and I smile with glee because I know that email contains critiques of my manuscript. (If you’ve never entered a contest before I highly recommend it because published authors are the judges, and they give the best suggestions for improvements to your writing).

I open the email and see the word “Congratulations”, but think little of it because the next thing I see is those magical words “Your judged entries are attached”.

I skim past the rest of the email straight to the bottom in search of the critiques, hoping that my recent revisions (which is why I’d entered the contest to begin with…to get impartial feedback to some major changes) didn’t destroy all my efforts at having a publishable manuscript.

Then, my foggy, sleep-deprived brain finally registers the words, “…moved to the finals…”

My brain says “Whaaaaa?” and my eyebrows slam together in confusion as I quickly scroll back up to the top of the email and read the following…

Congratulations! Your entry, Along the Way Home, has moved to the finals in the Historical Category.

I re-read this about seven times, then call in the hubby because I’m certain that I’m reading it wrong, that my sleep-deprived state is causing my brain to play tricks on me (Recall that I had premature TWINS and spent the first few months of their lives permanently residing in this state of mind, so I totally know what I’m talking about).

Yep, we got to use BOTH signs that came with the stork!

Hubby wanders in, reads it, and smiles. I freak out, then immediately stop freaking out to make him read it again, and then again. By now the twins have wandered in to see what all the fuss is about because their Mommy is screeching up a storm and Daddy is hugging her and saying “Good Job! SO proud of you!” and then the whole family is in an uproar of hugging and cheering.

A great day indeed!

The absolute first thing I do next is to send out a huge blubbering “Thank You!” email to both of my critique partners (Artemis Grey and Margo Kelly ) for helping me get to this point, and then I send out another “Thank You!” email to an author friend of mine, Kaki Warner, who encouraged me to enter contests.

Then the Corbett family went off to the pumpkin patch, where the hubs and I were in such a blissful state of contentment we didn’t even mind that our twins picked two of the biggest pumpkins in the patch, and we ended up spending nearly TWENTY dollars (gasp!) on said pumpkins.

I’ll find out the final results of the contest the first week of December, but I can honestly say I’m just really excited to be nominated. It’s such an honor!

Here’s the list of all the finalist titles. Mine is in the Historical category, titled “Along the Way Home”.

How about you? Have you entered writing contests? How did you handle the results?


12 thoughts on “Writing Contest News!

    • Rick,

      Thank you!

      How’s your writing going? Is the package of writing goodies you won on my blog a while back helpful?


  1. This is awesome news!
    You know how I feel about contests! I love them. I hate loosing, but I love the ones I win, haha!

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you and hope you move on to the top of the finals!!

    • Talynn,

      I totally thought of you and how you ROCK all my contests here on my blog!

      How have the critiques affected your writing? Were they helpful?


  2. Christi, major kudos for this major accomplishment. Not that I need to say it … but I am not at all suprised. You deserve this for all the hard work you have done on this book. Next step the agent !!! Congrats again 🙂

    • Florence,

      Thanks so much to my dearest writing/blogging friend! I’m hoping the next step will happen soon…for both of us 😀


  3. Christi,

    I am so proud of you! But not at all surprised. I am giggling to wonder how long you will jump through all of these preliminary hoops before you just publish the thing! It is such a good book.

    And, yes, I was in a similar contest situation with “Julia.” It winning the preliminary and moving to the finalist level. It was not the highest winner, but I did receive some great reviews by authors which helped me to rewrite “Julia” to the book it is today.

    I haven’t done contests since, though. You’re an inspiration to rethink that.

    • Shelley,

      On a related note, I’m thinking our conversation during our next meeting is going to focus on the reason you’re giggling…in other words, those hoops certainly are getting tiring 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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