Writing Quote Friday

There comes a time in a writer’s life when they must ask themselves…

Are you a confident writer, or a delusional one? (Click on the red for the link)


6 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

  1. Christi … that is like watching a three pound Yorkie yapping at a Bull Mastiff … thinking herself big and strong 🙂 I do think success in this crazy world is a combo of delusion AND confidence. If the most successful people in the world ever stopped to think about what they were doing … they might have frozen dead and then where would be all be? Crazy and delusional does have its moments 🙂

  2. Florence,

    I agree! Some of the best stuff I’ve ever done in my life was because of a serious mix of delusion mixed with confidence. (Oh the stories I could tell you…and hopefully someday we’ll meet in person and I’ll be able to 🙂 )


    • Talynn,

      Ok, now I gotta ask what “blod” is? A new word, or a typo?

      I think a mixture of both is needed to make it through the world of publishing 🙂


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