Since I’ve hopped aboard the query train, I’ve spent  way too much time dithering about on “How to not write a sucky query” sites  a reasonable amount of time freaking out    agonizing over every word   going over my letter.

Last week I ran across a post called The Five Stages of Querying Grief, which explains the querying process perfectly.

(For the record, I’m at Stage five 🙂 )

How about you? How was the query process? Any highlights, lowlights, or advice you’d like to share?  


6 thoughts on “Querying

  1. LOL… those are great! ANd so true. Stage 5 is the result, I think, for anyone in the trenches for a few months. I try to enter contests to break up the monotony of querying and it’s fun.

    Good luck to you, Christi!!

  2. My advice: Query the RIGHT agent. Not only in genre, but the person, as well as the types of authors and writing they rep. Just because they enjoy fantasy doesn’t mean they will enjoy romantic fantasy.
    After receiving a few rejection letters (as well as no response) I realized I probably wasn’t querying the wrong agent.

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