Unused Writing Books? Do a #bookswap

In the middle of the night (isn’t that always when the best ideas hit?) I had an idea about what to do with my writing books I no longer use.

Given that Twitter is used widely by writers, how about we advertise books using the  #bookswap hashtag?

For example, I have a book titled, The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing that I no longer use. So I’m going to put it up as a possible #bookswap on Twitter, and hope I can find it a good home with a fellow writer. And maybe that person will have one they no longer use and I could benefit from, hence the swap.

Does this seem like a good idea? Would you consider giving away a book in this manner?


11 thoughts on “Unused Writing Books? Do a #bookswap

    • Talynn,

      I initially thought of everyone just throwing a hashtag up on Twitter with the name of the book(s) they want to trade, but now since there’s been such a big interest I’m thinking of making a master list and then we all coordinate (aka fight each other for the best ones) through this blog?

      Does that sound realistic? Stupid? I’d love to hear your thoughts. We could make it like a Christmas gift exchange, but with books we don’t use anymore?


  1. Christi, I think that’s a great idea. I only have three of them and refer from time to time. Stephen King, Donald Maass and Shrunk & White (which answers all grammar questions.) I think I had one about the first so-many pages but I gave it to the library.

    With those and the workshop materials from Margie Lawson’s class, I’ve pretty much covered it all. OH YEAH … I forgot The Emotional Thesaurus … that’s a great one !!

    • Florence,

      Check out my above comment, and then consider if you have any resource books lying around that you don’t use. Would you be interested in participating in a swap?


  2. Sounds good to me. I have several, mostly for beginners written by pros. I also have WD…some dating back to 2000. Twelve years of reading and it took eight to get the nerve to ask for help on Twitter. Suddenly this lovely, brilliant lady writer, in Washington State contacted me and got me moving. She is still kicking my butt and I am going to surprise her before I turn 100 and finish.

      • Sheri,

        I’m inspired to do this! I’ll create a list of books I no longer need, you do the same and email your list of swap items, and research ones you’d be interested in, and lets get this started. It sounds like a great way for writers to connect!


    • 98,

      Who is this girl you speak of? She sounds wonderful 🙂

      I have some WD’s dating back to 2000 too! Great minds think alike and all that.

      So, read my first comment to Talynn and tell me if you’d be interested?


  3. This sounds like an awesome idea, Christi.
    I have an idea. If you want, I could post this on my blog and ask if others would be interested. I’m hosting a workshop on my blog and I’m sure many participants would be interested in trading some books. They could send me a list of books they’d like to trade. what do you think?

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