Another Book Coming Soon for Reid Lance Rosenthal

Reid Lance Rosenthal will release another book in his Threads West series in only a few months! (Official release is planned for February 2013). This latest book is called, Uncompahgre—Where the Water Turns Rock Red.

Reid b and w picture

(Click here for his interview and book trailers of his first two books)

You’ll remember Reid as the judge of the “Best First” Contest here on this blog. Not only did he generously offer great book prizes and critiques to the winners, he kept his word and judged the contest even as the horrible Arapaho fire threatened his ranch.

(Click here for the “Best First” contest details)

Recently he’s been on a book tour promoting his books (click on the link under his picture for details) and audio CD’s. The schedule is hectic…six signings in two and a half days, plus a 500 mile drive!

You can find more information about his book signings, his plans for the next three books in the series, and get details on how to order his audio cd’s (voiced by him!) on his Facebook page or his website.


8 thoughts on “Another Book Coming Soon for Reid Lance Rosenthal

  1. Reid is a fabulous writer and his critique was AMAZING! I wished I lived close enough to attend one of his book signings! Thanks for letting us know about his new release. I can’t wait ti read it!

    • Talynn,

      I wish I lived close too because I’d love to meet him, but alas I believe he’s not coming to Oregon 😦


      • Howdy ladies–sorry for the tardy reply–but between the ranches, the brand new audio books, novels three and four, and 32 book signings over 2000 or so miles in 23 days, both my sleep and free time have been swept away like twig in spring melt. Thanks so much Talynn and that contest was better than an eight ride. You rocked on all the wins :-)…and thanks much Christi for the great mention here–very much appreciated! Have the best of Christmases, ladies!

    • Talynn,

      No, the book swap is still going strong! We’ve got about 15 books on the list so far, and I’m keeping it open for another week or so in the hopes that more people add books.

      See anything you like so far?


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