Today my well-laid plans to get everything done have been demolished by an unexpected school cancellation due to snow. So, this post is late because I opted to play in the snow with my seven-year-old twins instead of worrying about getting a post up on time.

Then I was treated to an impromptu concert given by my daughter, complete with guitar accompaniment and an original song entitled, “I was built like steel…nothing can knock me down”.

As I listened, I couldn’t help but think of how my lovely twins are the same age as those beautiful babies in Connecticut.  And how one of the victims was a twin, and how the other twin survived.

Such a horrific event really made me reevaluate my priorities.

Now, I’ve got to get back to my kiddos, who I’ve set in front of the sliding glass door with dry-erase markers and the directive to “Have fun!”.

How do you fill the days when your plans change? 


6 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Ah, Christi … what a lovely image I have of you and the twins in the snow. I don’t have anything half as wonderful to fill in those blank spaces caused by a sudden change of plans. I do often get lost in my music and since there are no kids and no snow … I might also read a story or two 🙂

    Enjoy thos sudden change in plans … they can make for the best memories !

    • Florence,

      My twins are the same age as those poor little babies in Connecticut. A big wake up call as to what really matters in this world.

      We had such a wonderful day today, and I loved the sudden change in plans. As you said above, it really did make for some great memories.


    • Sheri,

      I completely agree! I had a way better day today than if I’d been working down the regular “To Do” list.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. That’s the best kind of changed plans. Nothing says happiness like smilie faces of my children. I’m so thankful for my healthy, happy and safe babies:) my prayers go out to those who lost a child in Connecticut.

    • Talynn,

      Agreed! I had such a fun, expected day yesterday, one I’ll remember for a long time. And much more fun that a “To Do” list!


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