Last Chance! What Books Do You Have to Trade?

This idea began before Christmas and then I got busy so now I’m FINALLY getting back to the BookTrade List.

This idea came about because I hate to see good books languish on a bookshelf when others could use them, so I’ve made this idea a reality.

And it’s not to late to get some great books!

Simply leave a comment on this post with the writing-related book(s) you no longer use and would be willing to trade for someone else’s book(s).

I’ll create a master list on this post and then we’ll figure out who wants what, and then each person can mail out their unwanted books to who wants them, and wait by their mailboxes to receive the ones they wanted.

Let’s make it easy using a one in, one out system. As in, if you put a book in you get to pick a book. We’ll deal with multiple people wanting the same book if it happens.

Sound good?

Here’s what’s up for trade so far. And now, I’m adding another section after this list to focus on what other writers are looking for, and want to trade you to get!

1. The Marshall Plan to Novel Writing: A 16 Step program guarenteed to take you from idea to completed manuscript, by Evan Marshall (It’s in good condition, with the exception of a few dog-eared pages)

2. The Writer on Her Work: Volume Two, New Essays in New Territory, edited by Janet Sternburg (Excellent condition)

3. How to Write a Children’s Book and Get Published, by Barbara Seuling (Excellent/Mint condition)

4. Voice & Style – Developing Your Own Personal Voice – a Writer’s Digest Book by Johnny Payne  (Mint Condition)

5. Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes – Raymond Obstfeld -a Writer’s Digest Book  (Mint Condition)

6. The War of Art – Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – Steven Pressfield  (Mint Condition) *This may be traded already*

7. You Can Write A Memoir – Susan Carol Hauser   (Mint Condition)

8. Ozark Writers On Writing – Essays on Creativity – Edited by L. Pate (feisty people primarily from the Arkansas Ozarks – From writing westerns to wilderness to trade and on and on. I know this group and they are talented. (Mint condition).

9. The Right to Write – Julia Cameron  (Brand New)

10. Make Your Words Work – proven Techniques For Effective Writing–For Fiction and Non-Fiction – Like new

11. The Novel Writers Toolkit – A Guide to writing great fiction and getting it published – Bob Mayer – A Writer’s Digest Book

12. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron with Mark Bryan – New

13. The Artist’s Way At Work, Riding the Dragon – Twelve Weeks To Creative Freedom – Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron, and Catherine Allen.

14. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Renni Browne and Dave King.

15. The  First Five Pages, Noah Lukeman

What other writers are looking for…

1. Sheri Degrom is looking for the following…reference info for the era 1910-1940. I’m looking for rural development (think the great plains states), fashion, cooking, daily living, modes of transportation for both city and rural – the affects of coming out of WWI and gearing up for WWII. I’d like to do even trades. Also – anything to do with ordinary daily life proceeding 1924 and about 10 years after. Contact Sheri directly at sdegrom (at) conwaycorp (dot) net


11 thoughts on “Last Chance! What Books Do You Have to Trade?

    • Perfect. I’ll close the list next Tuesday and then figure out who wanted what and if a straight trade will work for it.


  1. Christi – I’m as daffy as they come these days. I haven’t a clue as to what I said I might like to have other than what you so clearly outlined in your note above. The cookbook sounds like a winner and I’ll take it. I still have all the books I told you I have for trade so they are definitely up for grabs. TX for bringing this back to life.

    • Sheri,

      Right now I’m working on making the trades even (Example, Florence and I each want one of the other’s books so it’s an even trade for us, with no one getting shorted) and I’ve got two interested in your books so far. I’ll let you know soon which ones, and which ones are theirs so you can see if you’re interested.

      Thanks so much!


  2. I looked through my books and I didn’t see anything else I wanted to trade. Terrible I know, but my books hate me when I get rid of them and right now, I don’t need enemies – hee hee! This was such a fabulous idea, I wish we could do something to promote it.

    • Talynn,

      I was really surprised more people weren’t into it too, but I guess that leaves more for us 🙂

      So, I recall you want Sheri’s #6 on the list, so let’s see if she is interested in yours you put up for trade, which is #3. Or, do you have any reference books she referred to at the bottom of the post? If so, you’ll get one of hers in an even exchange and it will work out perfect.

      Let me know,


  3. One popular western writer today is Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dove. I first heard of him when an editor from Viking retired in southern Oregon and gave some lectures and a workshop. Bill Decker tells about kidding McMurtry for writing a “Wild West Novel” and reminding him that he had sworn never to write one “those” books. He made it sound like it was something to be ashamed of. But look how popular that mini-series was! Viewers loved it! Nobody predicted such a success. The book publisher had practically given away those film rights. According to Decker, McMurtry only got about $12,000 for his share. He went on to write Dead Man’s Walk and The Streets of Laredo—prequels to Lonesome Dove.

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